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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

BerwickHimes Insurance is your first and best insurance provider in Tucson for ATVs, RVs, Boats, Personal Watercraft, Sand Rails, Toy Haulers and more. We work hard and like to play hard! Make sure you have the right coverage for all your favorite big toys to fully enjoy your next vacation. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your high quality recreational vehicles are completely covered takes the stress out of every trip.

Because BerwickHimes offers quotes from a variety of providers, we can leverage our experience in order to find the right combination of providers to insure all of your vehicles at the best rates while getting the right coverage.

Boat Insurance and Insurance on Personal Watercraft

Getting the wrong kind of coverage for your boats and watercraft can sink a great vacation if an accident happens. Coverage options include:

Some people choose to insure their boats on a homeowner’s policy. However this may not be the best idea because homeowner policies typically only provide minimal boat insurance coverage. For example, it may not cover things like Total Loss Replacement or Personal Effects. This can make a huge difference if a problem occurs, so let us show you what policies blend the best features for the best value today!

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

For those whose dream is to own and travel with the freedom to explore the beauty of America, an RV is a dream come true. Protect your dream by insuring it properly with BerwickHimes Insurance. An RV is a sizable investment and recreational vehicle insurance insurance options should be considered thoroughly.

Plans and options can change dramatically depending on how you manage your motor home. Can it be considered your primary residence or is it a secondary home used for leisure? Are you looking for the most affordable plan, maximum coverage or a balance of options? We help you understand the different features and benefits that come with recreational vehicle insurance. And we walk you through the different specialized options that are available.

An example of features you will want to shop for are:

ATV Insurance and Sandrail Insurance

ATVs, Sandrails and other vehicles for sand dune recreation need to be insured like all other vehicles. Let BerwickHimes Insurance help you determine what plans and options work best for your recreational needs.

Optons to look for when shopping for ATV insurance:


For Tucson residents, if you are planning on traveling to Mexico to enjoy the sand dunes South of the Border, consider pairing your ATV or Sandrail insurance with Mexico Trip Insurance from BerwickHimes Insurance!

Let us show you the difference today! Contact BerwickHimes today for your next auto or home insurance quote – to get started simply give us a call at 520-790-7777 • 877-867-1777 or visit our Online Quote Center for instance quotes right from our website.

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