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Commercial Insurance

BerwickHimes features policies We sell policies for auto insurance under the following carriers:

We feel that commercial insurance is not only an important part of your company strategy, but it also provides the peace of mind to the owner of the business to know that there is a safety net when bad things happen. Statistically, it’s not a matter of whether or not something will eventually occur that commercial insurance can handle, but when and the scope of the damage.

Trying to get by without properly insuring your company can be an open invitation for disaster.

A sizable loss could cause adverse financial impact on any business operation or even jeopardize the business altogether. Properly insuring your company provides a safeguard against these unavoidable problems.

You never know when an employee will have an accident or be a victim of vandalism or theft. Not having the right business insurance can cost you and your family the business as well as your home, savings, retirement, the education of your children, and many other assets.

Get the Right Amount of Commercial Insurance

You can just as easily pay far too little and have inadequate business insurance as you can have far too much. The trick is to get the right amount of insurance for your business to maximize coverage while still saving as much as you can.

BerwickHimes will work with your individual situation to determine what the right balance is to match your risk. This will ensure that you are fully covered and get the best rate possible!


We have a number of commercial insurance options to choose from. Additionally we offer a variety of bonds including:


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